Uses of the past


The Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University has many research projects and dissemination activities that focus on uses of the past. Scholars from a broad variety of disciplines are in different ways working on the uses of the past. Uses of the past are studied in its many different expressions, in many different places in the world and in different epochs. The faculty research priority area "Uses of the Past" will promote collaboration among these scholars and bring more national and not least international visibility to their results.

Holocaust History, Memory, Memoir and Migration.

Uses of the Past hosted a visit by professor emeritus Saul Friedländer on 23 October 2018.Watch our conversation with him on "Holocaust History, Memoir and Migration":

News and events

2018.06.14 | Workshop

Rethinking ‘the Past’: The Cultural Politics of History, Memory and Temporality

We recommend this workshop featuring researchers from the Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories at the University of Brighton, and the Uses of the Past Research Programme at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. The workshop is held at the University of Brighton.

2018.05.08 | Workshop

Art, decolonial heritage and affective methodology

Please save the date November 21 2018 for the workshop “Art, decolonial heritage and affective methodology”.

2018.03.23 | Seminar

Methodological approaches to study uses of the past

Uses of the Past hosts this seminar May 31 2018 to stimulate to a methodological discussion among the members of the program and others with an interest in methods and memory.




Anne Brædder, Research Assistant, School of Culture and Society - International Studies, subject


Anne Brædder, coordinator
Jan Ifversen, research program director
Hans Lauge Hansen, vice research program director
Wulf Kansteiner, chair(man)

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