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2018.10.16 | Workshop

Affective Methodologies

Art and methodology workshop: testing and rehearsing decolonial practices. November 21 2018.

2018.10.12 | Workshop

African Studies and the challenges of de- and re-centering knowledge

Uses of the Past hosts this workshop on African studies November 2 2018.

2018.10.11 | Seminar

Memory and History in African Contexts

Uses of the Past hosts these interesting talks on memory and history in African contexts October 22 2018.

2018.10.03 | Seminar

Memories of activism

Uses of the Past hosts this interesting seminar November 15 2018 about memories of activism, protest and hope.

2018.10.01 | Conference

CHAT ACT: Agency, Action and Advocacy

We recommend this conference held at Moesgaard Museum October 26-28 2018.

2018.09.24 | Seminar

How men use museums

Uses of the Past hosts this seminar December 18 2018 with the research programme in Museology and Center for Museology, Aarhus University, Denmark.

2018.09.11 | Seminar

Yesterday’s Handcuffs, Today’s Bracelets

Uses of the Pasts hosts this seminar November 8 2018 about revisiting closed prisons, former refugee camps and other spaces of past repression. Speakers from European Observatory on Memories - EUROM, Horsens Prison Museum and Refugees Museum Project in Oksbøl and Uses of the Past are the discussants.

2018.09.11 | Lecture/talk

La Vaughn Belle: The Secret Lives of Colonial Objectivity

We recommend this interesting talk about working with the coloniality of the Virgin Islands held at Moesgaard September 27 2018.

2018.08.30 | Calls

Funding opportunities within Uses of the Past 2018

The Faculty research program Uses of the Past encourages members of the program to engage in interdisciplinary cooperation and develop new projects on uses of the past with partners from other national and international institutions.

2018.08.01 | Conference

Politics and Narrative in Ireland's Decade of Commemorations

We recommend this AIAS/CISA conference held at Aarhus University October 23-25 2018.

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