Theoretical concepts and approaches when studying uses of the past

May 23 2017 Uses of the Past hosts the seminar "Theoretical concepts and approaches when studying uses of the past".

2017.05.05 | Ulrik Vosgerau

The field around memory, heritage and uses of history is characterized as interdisciplinary and by using multiple and diverse concepts that are rarely related to one another. The seminar aims to identify important concepts and theoretical approaches among members of the research program when studying uses of the past and stimulates to bring the concepts in a discussion with each other


13.00-13.15: Welcome

13.15-13.45: Opening talk: Memory and colonialism by Astrid Nonbo Andersen, postdoc DIIS

13.45-14.45: Panel 1: Remembering the colonial

Britta Timm Knudsen, Scandinavian Studies: Difficult and dark heritage

Mads Anders Baggesgaard, Comparative Literature: Literature, colonialism and the concept of comparison

Casper Andersen, History of Ideas: Mental decolonisation, history and heritage

14.45-15.15: Break

15.15-16.15: Panel 2: Didactics, historical consciousness and reception

Claus Haas, Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies: History didactics, historical consciousness and cultural citizenship

Anne Brædder, History: Users of the past – Public History and historical consciousness

Anders-Christian Jacobsen, Systematic Theology: Reception theory

16.15-17.15: Panel 3: Memory, heritage and museums

Wulf Kansteiner, History: Memory Studies and popular culture

Mads Daugbjerg, Anthropology: Critical heritage studies and ethnography

Vinnie Nørskov, The Museum of Ancient Art/Lise Skytte Jakobsen, Art Hsitory: Museology

17.15-18:00: Round up discussion on theoretical key aspects in Uses of the Past

18:00: Dinner

Place: Nobelsalen (1485-123)

Registration May 16th: E-mail Anne Brædder ( Please notify whether you’re participating in the day program or day program and dinner.