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Methodological approaches to study uses of the past

Uses of the Past hosts this seminar May 31 2018 to stimulate to a methodological discussion among the members of the program and others with an interest in methods and memory.

Info about event


Thursday 31 May 2018,  at 10:00 - 16:00


Nobelparken building 1483-251

Seminar theme:

Uses of the Past is an interdisciplinary research program where members apply a variety of methodological approaches in their work. With this seminar, we wish to explore this variety. What kind of data do we work with, and how do we “read” them? How do we deal with new types of data for instance of a digital kind? Can we trace new ways of interpreting data? The seminar aims at making the diversity and interdisciplinarity visible while also finding common points in documenting the different uses of the past in memories, heritages, materialities, sites, media, performances, museums and literature. 



10:00-10:15:    Welcome

10:15-11:15:    Anne Heimo, Adjunct professor at History, Culture and Arts Studies University of Turku: Examining everyday practices of memory and history: Online commemoration and remediated memories

11:15-11:30:    Break

11:30-12:00:    Sara Dybris McQuaid, Associate professor at English Aarhus University: Administrations of Memory: towards a transnational and digital research agenda in peace building processes

12:00-13:00:    Lunch

13:00-13:30:    Diana González Martin, Assistant professor at Spanish Aarhus University: Sharing Emotions and Co-creating Agonism by means of Aesthetic Experience: UNREST’s Audience Analysis in Contemporary Spain

13:30-14:00:    Mads Anders Baggesgaard, Associate professor at Comparative Literature Aarhus University: Methodological approaches to studying literature, colonialism and slavery

14:00-14:30:    Laura McAtackney, Associate professor at Archeology and Heritage Studies Aarhus University: Remember 1916 in 2016: methodological approaches to understanding the role of gender in commemorating the Easter Rising

14:30-14:45:    Break

14:45-15:15:    Andreas Steen, Associate professor at China Studies Aarhus University: Sound Control and Memory in China: Musical Recordings and the Case of Shanghai’s Sonic Heritage

15:15-15:45:    Lisanne Wilken, Associate Professor at European Studies Aarhus University: Remembering pasts in the Eurovision Song Contest: methods to studying popular culture

15:45-16:00:    Farewell remarks


Practical information:

The seminar is free of charge and includes coffee, tea and lunch. For practical reasons, you need to register here no later than May 27 2018.


If you have any questions regarding the seminar please contact coordinator of Uses of the Past: Anne Brædder (anne.braedder@cas.au.dk)