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Colonial Memories and Migration

Uses of the Pasts hosts the seminar "Colonial Memories and Migration" September 19 2017 at Nobelparken building 1481-366.


9.00: Welcome

9.15: Chiara de Cesari, University of Amsterdam. "Memory, Borders, Race"

10.15: Coffee break

10.30: Panel: Colonial Memories and Decolonial Uses of the Past

Mathias Danbolt, University of Copenhagen. "Colonial Wounds, Decolonial Healing: Artistic Responses to the Aftermath of the Former Danish West Indies Colony"

Britta Timm Knudsen, Aarhus University. "Decolonial Aesthetics - Identity Politics and/or Affective Eruptions? - on Jeanette Ehlers' Whip it Good (2013)"

Sara Santamaría Colmenero, Aarhus University. "Confronted Paradigms: Wars of Memories and Human Rigths Discourse. A theoretical approach from a decolonial perspective"

Mads Anders Baggesgaard, AU."Remembering slavery in a time of transfer, St. Thomas 1900-30”

11.45: Coffee break

12.00: Manuel Loff, University of Porto . "The Portuguese Absent Memory of Colonial Violence: From Dictatorship to Democracy"

14.30: Panel: Migrant Memories and European Identities

Moritz Schramm, Syddansk Universitet. "Re-Telling History: Postmigrant Perspectives on Memory and Culture"

Jessica Ortner, University of Copenhagen."Transcultural Memory and European Identity in Contemporary Eastern-European Migrant Literature"

Hans Lauge Hansen, Aarhus University. "Ethico-political Modes in the Narrative of Exile and Migration"

Wulf Kansteiner, Aarhus University. "Cultural Memory as Prophecy: Narrating Race and Migration on Prime Time"


Place: Nobelparken building 1481-366

Registration by September 11 2017: anne.braedder@cas.au.dk