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Conference 'Decolonising the postcolonial? Disputed heritages'

Organized by ECHOES - UNRIO/CES-UC/Aarhus University, this online conference taking place from 14-16 April 2021, debates sensitive issues around the colonial heritages in postcolonial contexts in Europe or historically colonised areas. Practices and materializations of those legacies will be discussed, as well as heritage processes, value attribution, their uses and appropriations at global and local scales.

ECHOES addresses a pressing dilemma at the heart of contemporary Europe: the fact that while the history of empires and colonialism undoubtedly constitutes a shared European past, this past remains strangely silent in official narratives about Europe’s ‘heritage’.     

In this congress, the ECHOES project focuses on the following themes and consequent challenges:

The plurality of those legacies and their reinventions by socially, ethnically and culturally diversified groups to highlight and problematise processes of invisibility and silencing.

The ways, languages and strategies promoted by decolonisation processes of colonial heritages which have led to the conquering of rights, reparations and emancipations.

The heritages in dispute and memory struggles involving diverse agents and agencies and presented in different scales, rhythms and chronologies.   

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