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Lagahoo and Douen's Return: Travelling Memories in Trinidad Carnival

September 25 2017 Uses of the Past hosts the lecture "Lagahoo and Douen's Return: Travelling Memories in Trinidad Carnival" by Jarula Wegner (Goethe University Frankfurt).

The Carnival of Trinidad and Tobago is the largest in the Caribbean, builds on a long history and has become a model as well as a source for carnivals in cities across the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe. Performing the Lagahoo and Douen in February 2017, Tracey Sankar-Charleau and her son Jude won the Traditional Individual Carnival Competition. The performers recollected two folklore characters, recreated them for carnival and performed them at the national competition in Trinidad and Tobago’s capital Port of Spain. The performance exemplifies travelling memories on several scales: generic, geographic and cultural. The intersection of collective and individual, traditional and creative, national and transcultural elements in the Lagahoo and Douen reveals specifically Caribbean as well as global memory dynamics.

Wine and snacks will be served. Everyone is welcome!

Time: September 25 2017 15.00-17.00

Place: Nobelparken building 1461-516