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Yesterday’s Handcuffs, Today’s Bracelets

Uses of the Pasts hosts this seminar November 8 2018 about revisiting closed prisons, former refugee camps and other spaces of past repression. Speakers from European Observatory on Memories - EUROM, Horsens Prison Museum and Refugees Museum Project in Oksbøl and Uses of the Past are the discussants.

2018.10.31 | Anne Brædder

Photo: Courtesy by FÆNGSLET Museum.

Date Thu 08 Nov
Time 14:00 17:00
Location Nobelparken. Building 1481. Room 239

Have you ever visited a prison? Do you know about FÆNGSLET in Horsens? 

And did you know there is an ongoing project to open a museum in Oksbøl, where German refugees fled right after WWII?

What should we do with former spaces of repression, suffering, atrocities and despair once closed? Leave them alone and let them slowly erode away? Demolish them to eliminate their marks and their relevance in the present? Resignify them to shed light on the present? Frame them as historical sites to learn about us?

Who makes this kind of choices? And why? For whom?

Our guests:

Oriol López Badell, European Observatory on Memories - EUROM

Laura McAtackney, Aarhus University, prison heritage

Merete Bøge Pedersen, FÆNGSLET, Horsens Prison Museum

Anne Sofie Vemmelund Christensen, Refugees Museum Project in Oksbøl

Sarah Smed, Danmarks Forsorgsmuseum

will join a round table to discuss on interaction and cooperation between cultural institutions and citizens to give shape to public spaces and use them actively as sites of learning, participation and vital change.

Join us!

Organizer: Diana González Martín digoma@cc.au.dk