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Seminar Digital Archives and the Shapes of Memory

Presentation by Helle Strandgaard Jensen, co-director of the Center for Digital History Aarhus (CEDHAR) on digital archives and memory. The event will take place in building 1421, meeting room 2, while it will also be possible to attend via Zoom. Both options require registration in advance.

2020.08.25 | Jacco Visser

Date Wed 21 Oct
Time 14:00 16:00
Location Building 1421, meeting room 2 and via Zoom

In recent decades, digitization has been high on the agenda in cultural heritage institutions in affluent parts of the world. Prompted by the easy availability of millions of new sources online, scholars in the humanities are beginning to consider what new digital possibilities mean to their research but also to cultural memory more broadly. However, most discussions have focused on the changing research practices rather than the digital archives themselves and the wider cyberinfrastructure in which they are embedded. The focus on end-users downplays the influence economic, technical and political factors have on changing research practices as well as representations of the past. In this talk, I will argue why we need to devote more attention to the digital infrastructure of online archives if we want to understand their impact on our understanding and uses of the past.   

Register at https://events.au.dk/digitalarchives20/signup.html

Event type, Seminar
Tags: Uses of the past, digital archives, memory, Helle Strandgaard Jensen, CEDHAR