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This blog brings together ten reviews about “This is not Africa. Unlearn what you have learned”, a temporary exhibition shown at ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum from March to October 2021. 

Article on new Spanish legislation to tackle the legacy of Franco

Almost 45 years after Franco's death and nearly a year after exhuming his body, Spain's government is presenting new legislation that addresses the legacy of Franco in Spain. El Pais published an interested article on the so-called Democratic Memory Bill and the politics of  memory in the Spanish context. See the article here

Interesting article on street names and the politics of history in Berlin

Street names are part of history politics. They are changed from time to time due to debates over the past. Here is an example from Berlin. Moohrenstrasse is being renamed after an African philosopher in Germany.

Status report on how France confronts its colonial past

The discussion on European, colonial heritage has become monumental. Petrified memory in European cityscapes is being contested. Here is a status report from France written by Jade Dussart that may be interesting to some of you. 

Article on creative iconoclasm and the removal of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol

Art historian and curator Veerle Poupeye writes an interesting article on creative iconoclasm inspired by the recent removal of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol, UK. The article can be found here on Poupeye's blog. 

Article by Jean-François Manicom on the toppling of statues

An interesting short read about the toppling of statues by Jean-François Manicom, curator of transatlantic slavery & legacies at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool. Jean-François spoke at a workshop on museums organized by Uses of the Past in January 2018. See the article on Politico's website here